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Millet — groats obtained from the fruit of cultivated species of millet, is exempt from spikelet scales through roughing.
Millet must meet the requirements of GOST 22983-78. When processing millet grain into cereals millet is valued large, uniform in size and color. Different sizes of kernel colour and texture (floury or vitreous) depend on the varietal characteristics and conditions of growth of millet. Millet polished is divided into three grades – the highest, first and second.
Millet polished all varieties should have a yellow color of different shades, normal, characteristic of the taste and smell of the millet. Humidity should be no more than 14%.
Broken millet kernels passing through a sieve with holes 0 1,5 mm and not passing through a wire sieve № 0,56, according to GOST 3924-47 in the presence of their higher grade more than 0.5%, in the first – more than 1, in the second – more than 1.5% is attributed to the impurity.