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Barley groats are produced from barley that meets the requirements of the standard for barley groats GOST 6378-72.
From barley produce two types of cereals: barley and barley.
Barley groats is the core of barley, freed from the flower shells, partly fruit and seed shells and the embryo with the obligatory grinding and polishing for pearl barley and crushing for barley groats. In the development of pearl barley in the grinding and polishing of cereals separated shell, embryo, part of the aleurone layer, grains are oval or spherical shape.
Depending on the particle size pearl barley is divided into five and barley into three numbers.
For pearl barley No. 5 and barley grains No. 3 Assembly installs on metallocenes the sieve № 056 GOST 3924-47. Pearl barley numbers should correspond to a certain shape, size and uniformity of the processed kernel. Grits № 1 and 2 should have an elongated core with rounded ends, and grits № 3, 4 and 5 – spherical. Barley grits № 1, 2 and 3 – a crushed kernel particles of different sizes and shapes, completely freed from the flower films and partly from the fruit shells.